Do I have to be a new golfer to book with Her Golf Mentor?

No. Her Golf Mentor will help any women develop and achieve her goals based on where she is NOW; beginner, some experience or lots of experience. The main thing you need is desire to improve.

Is Tracey a “Golf Pro”?

No. Tracey is not a professional player or instructor. Her role is much like that of the General Contractor on your home renovation! She will help you build your plan, match you up with the best professionals based on your needs, location, experience level and timeline then “stay” with you during the process to oversee your progress and keep you motivated!

Do I need my own equipment to get started?

Not at the beginning. We can provide clubs to get you started, but be prepared to invest in your own set fairly soon into the program. We help you with that process too!

What do I wear?

Golf fashion will be a topic of conversation for us for sure!! There is a range of what is acceptable, allowed, attractive and appropriate. You will be given dress code and guidelines in advance of your booked session and it will depend on the location. If you need help we are here for you with suggestions. You most likely have an outfit that will work in your closet right now! You will look and feel great no matter what!! Part of what you will learn is how to dress right for yourself and for the situation.

Can I participate with a friend?

The “HGM Immersion Camps” are set up for small groups/friends. If you want to share the “Kickstarter” or “All in” program experience with a friend we can make that work; connect with us for a conversation and we can customize a program for you.

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