Great Women Golf Profiles: February 12 2018: Meet Tracey Luel

Today we introduce a new content platform; Great Women Golf, Presented by Her Golf Mentor

We meet a lot of women who love golf. Enjoy these profiles of interesting women who spend their days doing important, interesting and fascinating things, but who also love to play golf and connect it to success, joy and a better life.

Our goal is to demonstrate the range of reasons for starting, emotions experienced and benefits generated from golf by a cross section of women. Ultimately we want to inspire other’s to give it a try for themselves.

I start the ball rolling with a profile of myself; I am not that interesting or fascinating….but i DO love and value golf and I consider my work in spreading the word as important. Consider this an example!

If you know a woman with a good story to tell and who loves golf send her my way!

This content will help to fulfil the mission of Her Golf Mentor.

Growing the game. One woman at a time.

 Click here to read profile of  Tracey Luel


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